• As you may or may not know, we are planning a brand new album: "Wake The Dead" produced by Killing Joke legend, Youth. After releasing "Alive At The Batcave" in 2008, we feel that the time is right for us to go into the studio and record the songs for "Wake The Dead" and then release it to you in a totally new way.
    Your support over the years has been a great boost to us and we want to thank you by including you in the release of this album. Working in collaboration with PledgeMusic allows us to remain independent and offer you the opportunity to pre-order this album in a brand new way.
    By pre-ordering, or "pledging" for your copy of this album, you will be given access to the project as a whole. Via the ?Updates Section? you?ll be privy to the recording process, artwork design, blogs, videos and audio, all of which will be exclusive to those involved and not available anywhere else.
    There are also a number of other exclusive, signed, rare and bespoke items that are available for you to pledge on (see the list on the right hand side) all of which entitle you to the same exclusive bonus content plus a high quality digital download of the new album.
    Get the brand new album from Specimen + untold signed, limited edition items and unique one-offs, direct from the band!
    Wake The Dead
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