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May 07th 2013

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WAKE THE DEAD is the fantastic new album by Goth/Glam legends SPECIMEN. Specimen have always boasted perfect timing, slicing through the post-punk gloom and cavorting panto extras of the early 1980s the first time around, now reappearing 30 years later to electrify the bones of a music industry in danger of sinking beneath a torrent of autotune pap and the sort of Prince Harry lookalike singer-songwriter which comes with parental approval. Produced by the legendary Youth of Killing Joke, their new album Wake The Dead is a much-needed napalm blast of glam-punk carnage, harnessing monumental guitar-riffs, sinister synth motifs and lurid vocals to a towering statement of forbidden pleasures and groin-level decadence for the sanitised 21st century, essentially underpinned by the band’s inherent dark humour and B-movie sensibility which spawned the Goth movement.

WAKE THE DEAD Tracklist (click for audio previews)